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Photo by Anita Masih

It all started when...

I love writing, so that’s why I started this blog. It’s basically full of me banging on about stuff that I feel needs to be said. This is how I came about it:

I was sitting around at my dining table, binging on some pani puri, when I suddenly thought to myself ‘damn, I need to rebrand’.

The thought came out of nowhere. The spicy, minty pani had probably reenergised some brain cell of mine which was otherwise fast asleep. But since the thought was there, I just had to run with it.

A million bad names later (mind you, the only reason KanyeNot was not chosen is because all the social media handles were already taken), The Fat Brow finally came about.


Inspired by the untamed, bushy hairs that sit on top of my eye sockets, I decided that this blog was gonna be a reflection of them - free, uncontrolled, and proud.

Expect rambles, rants, and everything else. A caricature of the world as I see it. From fashion, to lifestyle, to hard news and everything in between, it’s all on this website. So, since you’re already here, go ahead, brows(e) through.

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