The memes of 2018 - Which meme dominated each month?

Okay, it seems a bit incongruous writing about memes on a pretty website like this (if I do say so myself), but memes are modern art.

They’re renaissance paintings but with a narrative, images brought to life so that they relate to each aspect of our life with a soul-touching depth. They’re like a bowl of bread being passed around at a huge, happy dining table. Everyone shares the meme, tagging friends and family. And in that moment they’re all unified.

Since 2018 is almost over, I feel like we absolutely have to look back at the best of the memes from this year. Memes define us, memes make up so much on social media. It would be unfair not to devote an article to them.


The year started with some weird shit happening. Kids were eating tide pods, January felt like it lasted a century, and it felt like we had entered some strange new plane of existence as the planet finished its little dance around the sun. Of course, with the new year comes the new existential dread, and meme-makers and consumers alike shared in this feeling, with the off-ramps meme. It was a pictorial representation 'of ‘damn, I really should do this good, healthy thing, but instead I’m going to do this unhealthy thing instead’.

Replace ‘Reddit’ with ‘my finsta’ and you have the most accurate meme of me.

Replace ‘Reddit’ with ‘my finsta’ and you have the most accurate meme of me.


You all know about Kim Kardashian, but do you know about Gym Kardashian? You probably do, if you’re a meme connoisseur like moi. The reality star was photoshopped into a muscular, pumped up version of herself, used to express the feeling of doing something that would usually seem like it requires muscle.


We’re all savage sometimes, and the Savage Patrick meme really captures it accurately. From cancelling plans to eating most of the fries, Savage Patrick appeals to the bad side in all of us.




Everyone’s a hyprocrite, so what better way to express it than through a juicy meme? The Who Shot Hannibal Meme revealed the worst of us, but tbh, we needed it.


Another month for real character-flaw revelations. The Is this a pigeon? meme made us come face-to-face with our refusal to see things as they are, or if we ain’t going that deep, then our ignorance and stupidity.

Tell my man, shut up.

Tell my man, shut up.


A picture of Young Thug browsing a computer with Lil Durk next to him went viral, and before you know it, it was being used as meme currency.

A very pure meme.

A very pure meme.


The Predator Handshake meme united us all again. With two really muscly guys shaking hands with agreement, we all found ourselves within factions of society, happily uniting with others.

Fuck da powlees.

Fuck da powlees.


Bibble from Barbie: Mermadia became a nice, deep-fried meme in August. The character from the 2006 movie is supposed to represent us when we were younger. I don’t know about you, but I might have looked like Bibble.


Moths. Need I say more? This was probably the dumbest meme of 2018. I’m just gonna leave that there. The one I’ve posted below is a nice combination of two memes though, so I guess we can appreciate it as art.


Halloween fever took hold of all of us on 1st October, so of course we had to express it through a meme. Thus Me on 30th September vs Me on 1st October meme was born. Will it make a return next year? Let’s wait and see.

Bonus doggo in the meme!

Bonus doggo in the meme!


The Surprise Pikachu meme made its appearance just before the Detective Pikachu trailer was released. This meme appeals to all the stupid things we do, even though we know that the consequences will be equally stupid.


Well, it’s only the 7th of December today, so I can’t say what the meme of this month is. I was gonna say they did surgery on a grape, but I really don’t want to end the year like this…