Shout out to PETA for making Vegans look dumb, again

Take the bull by the horns! Actually, don’t.

A few days ago, PETA raised some brows (even this particular fat one), when they said that some common phrases perpetuate violence against animals.

Now, I’m a vegetarian, so I really don’t agree with violence against animals, but when you compare some metaphorical phrases to ableist and homophobic abuse, there is the slightest chance that you may be taking it a little too far.

Of course, PETA is not new to the whole ‘taking it too far’ thing. Previously, PETA has been accused of sexism. A campaign titled ‘fur trim is unattractive’, inappropriately alluding to women with pubic hair, suggested that these women are unattractive, and basically unfuckable. But then again, they make ads just to get banned, just so they can go viral for all the wrong reasons. Bad publicity is still publicity, right?

Another campaign likened animal abusers to Nazis, and in another, they compared the beheading of a man, who was partially eaten, to the treatment of animals. I get you’re trying to make a point, but using fear and guilt to get people to make a positive change for the planet doesn’t work. There’s research to back this up!

Ultimately, their newest language-focused campaign is neither fear nor guilt-inducing. It’s plain stupid. We are soon going to see the landmark case of whether veganism should be considered a religion, and frankly, PETA’s campaigns aren’t really helping the cause of taking the vegan movement seriously.

Of course, being vegan is fantastic for animals and for the planet. Harm against animals is never acceptable, and we desperately need to cut the production of greenhouse gases. PETA, perhaps the elephant in the room needs to be addressed in a different way?