Why we need to stop hating on Theresa May

We’ve got a Prime Minister, and she’s doing her damn best.

Theresa May has not been given enough credit for trying to clear up the mess that her predecessor made, and so easily slipped away from. Deal, no deal, Brexit this, Brexit that. You might be tired of hearing it, but I think she’s tired of everyone giving her shit for it.

It takes a special kind of strength and dignity to keep a smile on your face and keep your head high when your colleagues are saying ‘assassination is in the air’, and ‘she’ll be dead soon’ when talking about you. Frankly, this stuff almost sounds like something an extremist would say, yet we let it pass even though it’s coming from within her party.

The task of negotiating a Brexit deal was near enough impossible, and sure as hell unlikely to please everyone (read my other article about it here, if you want). With the pressures of a pissed off EU, Boris Johnson and other Tory MPs breathing down your neck, Jeremy Corbyn’s remarks, and a raging public to top it all off, Theresa May has tried her best to negotiate a deal that would be in the UK’s best interests.

Now, opinions on whether the deal really is going to be the best Britain are heavily polarised. Our economy has definitely suffered a lot, but that’s not Theresa May’s fault. That economic instability was bound to happen because of Brexit, just because of the way economics and trade and all that stuff works.

Unfortunately, UK politics has an awful history of treating female politicians badly. From the racist abuse hurled at Diane Abbott, to the tragic murder of Jo Cox, the cases are far too common. In fact, an analysis of news coverage found that Theresa May’s appearance had been commented on three times as much as Jeremy Corbyn’s. I get that he ain’t the best looking fella, but he did appear on the cover of GQ, so there must be something to talk about, amirite?

Newspapers aren’t very nice to Theresa Bae. :(

Newspapers aren’t very nice to Theresa Bae. :(

Maybe (let’s pretend, just a little bit) it’s not misogyny, and maybe Theresa May is actually a ‘shit’ leader. But is she really? Fact is, Theresa May is Prime Minister at a time when there is no cohesive idea about what anybody really wants.

All of the debates around Brexit have been carefully picked and paired to form a bouquet known as the Brexit deal. Of course, not everyone likes hydrangeas and some people cannot stand peonies, but Theresa May has been determined in finding that compromise that people might not have wanted, but very much needed.