Chanel Autumn Winter 2019 - My Very Humble Opinion

Soft, Egyptian gold glazes over New York with the Chanel Métiers d’Art show.

Karl Lagerfeld’s latest collection is a hybrid of 1930s delicate masculine edge, lashings and licks of Ancient Egyptian glamour, and of course, roots of the classic Chanel that we all know and love.

Does it work though? Hmm.

There were some stunning looks, from dazzling dresses with elegant fits, to stunning two-pieces which perfectly into the archetype of the modern Chanel woman. These were the best looks from the show, for me.

Other looks, however, felt like they were trying too hard to be ‘relevant’. I love you Karl, but I’m so sorry.

The smoothness of the 30’s chic gals were abruptly broken when bomber jacket and peg-leg trousers appeared. The iridescent colours, the pattern which oh so gently reminds me of bus seats, and the creasing fabric was a no for me. It was as if my Ancient Egyptian dream was broken by 80s rebelliousness, gone wrong. However, this might be one of the few looks that would appeal to people who invest in modern luxury fashion. They want something they can show off, not just at an evening event, but also throughout the day.


Am I mad about it, though? Not really. A collection needs pieces that can be worn everyday. Okay, maybe a lot of Chanel ladies don’t need these pieces, but what about the growing market of those that do? These jackets definitely hit that sweet spot for me. The daring shoulders on the short version, to the masculine cut on the longer one, scream luxury fashion, but make it cool.

Denim was also added to the mix, which again, seemed a bit random, but I get why it was there. Whilst I really felt like it didn’t fit the theme, it was cool. Daring, but the denim jacket with the black dress worked.

Other looks however, simply reminded me of how sometimes I wear really pretty long dresses, but then it gets cold so I put on the nearest coat I can find. Doesn’t look great tbh. Unfortunately, the white crepe skirts only seemed to cheapen the looks for me. They could have been stunning, but they just didn’t work like this. These were some of the worst looks from the show, for me.

So did Mr Lagerfeld hit the mark with the Chanel Autumn Winter 2019 collection? Kind of, but not really. Whilst there were some beautiful pieces, the collection as a whole seemed a bit incoherent in places. So even if you get Pharell Williams to walk your show, and everything is so luxuriously dipped in gold, sometimes it just misses the mark by that little bit.

Overall rating: 6/10

All pictures are from Vogue.