Versace is back, and I like it

For the first time ever, Versace landed in New York to present their latest collection.

Held at the Stock Exchange, the show had a golden arm of the Statue of Liberty at its centre. Lady Liberty also seemed to be at the centre of the collection, which was an electric fusion of feminine energy and freedom, animalistic intensity, and modern sensuality.

A parade of colour, ferocity, and power, the collection was everything that Versace represents. Drawing inspiration from her late brother, Donatella propels the brand into Millennial-cool by pulling the most iconic threads from the brand’s past.

Perhaps the most iconic was the Medusa safety pin, returning more sleek and sharp than ever. It’s always been that hook between the clutches of sexy and elegant, and it nevertheless made its return in a very 2018 way. This 1994 dress which made headlines when it was worn by Liz Hurley was reimagined with the fresh, smaller Medusa pin, pulling in the fabric in just the right places to reveal a modern, unapologetically fierce silhouette.

The iconic low-naval cut front made a comeback. When Jennifer Lopez wore that dress in 2000, it prompted the creation of Google Images, and of course, that dress was Versace. The Italian fashion house revisits this icon with a modern take. The Love Versace print puts the 2018 twist on the 2000s classic. Puffed shoulders, tapered trousers are another version of the dress, wearable from day till night.

Splashes of colour, texture, and animal print lit up the venue. Paired with towering hair coifs and maximum accessorising, the show was as Versace as Versace gets.

Don’t worry if bursts of colour, pattern, and accessories is not your cup of tea. The show actually began with more tame styles. Rust, brown, and warm red tones created the warm atmosphere that would soon turn into an explosion of everything. Whilst I did like this part of the show, and loved the concept of how they slowly transformed into something louder and louder, it felt as if the styles were very uncharacteristic and disconnected (apart from the low navel neckline) to the rest of the collection as a whole. The cuts and silhouettes were beautiful, but seemed more Jonathan Simkhai and Vince to me, rather than Versace.

Apart from that, I loved the collection. Is it just Donatella Versace recreating Gianni’s works? Perhaps. Am I throwing shade? Uh, not really. Point is, she is trying to carry on the legacy of her late brother, and she’s doing a pretty damn good job.

Overall rating: 8/10

All pictures are from Vogue.